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Klinika Mediss Medical Oferta Effective weight loss and body shaping
Effective weight loss and body shaping

Effective weight loss and body shaping

Effective weight loss is a process aimed at getting rid of unnecessary kilograms in the shortest possible time, while shaping the figure. To be able to carry it out, we must combine many factors, improve our general health, choose an appropriate diet and, most importantly, introduce appropriate physical activity.

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What we offer

Take advantage of new opportunities and choose a modeling and weight loss package at Mediss Medical.

Our team consisting of an endocrinologist + dietician + training instructor + aesthetic medicine doctor will prepare a special plan for you that will help you achieve your dream goal.

How do we work?


After choosing one of the packages, you will receive a referral for blood tests from our specialist. After receiving the results, you can make an appointment by phone, e-mail, via the contact form or directly on our website in the make an appointment tab for a medical consultation.


During the consultation, the doctor will ask you about your health condition and any other circumstances that may affect it. Remember that the information you provide has a significant impact on the type of therapy your doctor will be able to administer.


You make an appointment with a dietitian who, based on information collected during tests and a visit to an endocrinologist, will prepare a special diet plan for you.

Obesity is a complex and chronic metabolic disease that more and more people struggle with. It is estimated that approximately 22% of adult Poles suffer from obesity, and over 50% have excess body weight.

Many people are looking for the right motivation to start the process of weight loss and take care of their appearance. We all see how, over the years, our skin ages, becomes more flabby, and we gain weight, and suddenly we go from size M to size L, only to reach for even larger sizes after a while. Many of us suffer without even realizing that we have diabetes, insulin resistance, food intolerance or allergy, or circulatory problems or hypertension. In such cases, without appropriate medical support, weight loss may prove to be very difficult and long-lasting, sometimes even unattainable.

The process of weight reduction and body shaping should be preceded by examinations of your health and carried out under the supervision of specialists so that the effects are planned and controlled.

The process of modeling your figure:



After purchasing one of the packages, you receive an electronic version of a REFERRAL FOR TESTS. Our endocrinologist will order appropriate tests to verify the general health of your body.


After receiving the results, we start YOUR TRANSFORMATION PROCESS with a visit to an endocrinologist. During the consultation, the doctor will measure your body weight, waist and hip circumference, and body fat content. Based on the test results, if your health requires it, the doctor will implement appropriate pharmacological treatment to regulate the level of specific hormones in the blood.

Very often, the reasons for weight gain are related to endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism and hypopituitarism, hyperfunction of the adrenal glands or deficiency of sex hormones (hypogonadism, mainly in men). In women, obesity often goes hand in hand with insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). A very common example of hormonal disorders is too high levels of prolactin in the body, which increases the appetite for sweets and, consequently, overweight and obesity.


The next stage is to choose the right diet that will make you feel full and have a lot of energy.

Your diet must be based on a caloric deficit. The person using it must eat less than the energy they use, e.g. if our daily calorie requirement is 2,200 kcal, we must reduce it to 2,000 kcal. When creating a slimming diet, we must calculate the values of all macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) necessary for proper functioning. This need is different for each of us. What helps one person lose weight may not necessarily work for another. When calculating caloric needs, many factors are taken into account, including the type of work performed, the type and duration of training, other physical activities during the day, and age, height and current weight.


Only a properly selected diet combined with physical exercise will allow you to quickly burn fat and shape your figure.

Depending on your individual preferences, you can go to the gym, exercise at home or outdoors. Remember, you decide how many days a week you devote to training. The task of a personal trainer is to select exercises so that they meet your training goals, improve your health and encourage you to be physically active. Our trainer will indicate the correct technique for performing the recommended exercise plan, so that they are effective and allow you to quickly achieve your goal.


At Mediss Medical, we offer a wide range of treatments to improve the appearance and condition of our skin, such as eliminating wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and tension, treating discolorations, modeling and firming the body, and eliminating scars and stretch marks. We use natural and safe methods that will provide effective support for your body during weight loss, so that your skin maintains good condition.


We recommend lymphatic drainage to support the weight loss process, which allows you to remove excess water from the body and reduce swelling, as well as improves lymph circulation. Lymphatic massage firms the body, reduces cellulite, supports the immune system and accelerates the body’s regeneration.

Our specialists

lek. Katarzyna Kocyk

lek. Katarzyna Kocyk



Dr I am a specialist in endocrinology and a family doctor. I graduated from the medical faculty of the […]

mgr Wiktoria Dąbrowska

mgr Wiktoria Dąbrowska


I am a clinical dietitian and psychodietitian. In 2023, I completed my master’s degree in Dietetics. My interests mainly […]

Monika Wierzbicka

Monika Wierzbicka

Personal trainer

I am a certified personal trainer, strength and functional trainer and fitness instructor. My greatest achievements include a gold […]

lek. Małgorzata Ryniec-Walczyńska

lek. Małgorzata Ryniec-Walczyńska

Aesthetic medicine specialist

I am a dentist and a specialist in aesthetic medicine. I graduated from the Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny and completed […]

doc. Agnieszka Sirocka

doc. Agnieszka Sirocka

Aesthetic medicine specialist

I am an aesthetic medicine specialist and a family doctor. I graduated from the International Training Center for Aesthetic […]


Price list

Service Price
Package 1 - consultation with an endocrinologist + dietary recommendations 350 zł
Package 2 - consultation with an endocrinologist + dietary recommendations + training package 550 zł
Package 3 - consultation with an endocrinologist + dietary recommendations + training package + consultation with an aesthetic medicine doctor 600 zł
Package 4 - consultation with an endocrinologist + dietary recommendations + training package + consultation with an aesthetic medicine doctor with radiofrequency treatment on the face or body 750 zł
Lymphatic drainage 200 zł

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