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An otolaryngologist, or rather an otolaryngologist, is a doctor who deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the ears, nose, throat and larynx. His area of interest also includes hearing problems and balance disorders. In addition to diagnostics and pharmacotherapy, the laryngologist also performs surgical procedures in the nose, sinuses and throat.

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What we offer

At Mediss Medical, in the field of laryngology, we treat:

  • inflammation of the larynx, sinuses, ear, throat, tonsils, salivary glands
  • pain in the throat, ears, sinuses, larynx
  • cancer of the larynx and salivary glands
  • sinus diseases
  • tinnitus
  • deafness
  • short frenulum
  • smell and hearing disorders
  • nasal congestion, rhinitis
  • snore
  • hoarseness
  • obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  • nasal polyps
  • tonsil hypertrophy
  • unpleasant breath and causes

How do we work?


The first step is a consultation with our specialist, you can make an appointment by phone, email, through the contact form or directly at our website at „schedule an appointment” tab.


During the consultation, a doctor will ask you about the reason of your visit, your health condition and any other circumstances that may affect it. Remember that the information you provide will significantly affect the therapy provided.


If necessary, the doctor may refer the necessary tests which will be helpful to decide what is the best individual treatment for you.


At our clinic, each patient has an assigned caregiver who is supportive and ready to help you whenever you need it.

What does an ENT specialist do?

A doctor of this specialization is most often associated with ear and throat diseases. However, it should be remembered that the scope of his competences is much broader. The human body is very complex and the source of some ailments turns out to be surprising, seemingly unrelated to the place where the symptoms occur. Therefore, it is worth seeking help from an otolaryngologist in case of ailments such as:

– removal of the third tonsil,
– cutting/removal of palatine tonsils,
– ear ventilation drainage,
– septoplasty (plasty of the nasal septum),
– conchoplasty (reduction of the inferior turbinates),
– removal of the submandibular gland,
– surgery to remove side cysts, central cysts and benign neck tumors,
– paranasal/maxillary sinus surgery

What does an otolaryngologist treat?

Our otolaryngologist provides specialist consultations in the field of head and neck diseases. We welcome both patients struggling with chronic ailments and people who suddenly develop symptoms of inflammation in the nose, ears, throat, larynx or sinuses.

An otolaryngologist also deals with hearing and balance disorders. The most common ear pains are caused by infections, inflammations, cuts and pressure changes. Ear pain may occur as a result of local lesions in the ear itself or in its surroundings, e.g. in the mouth, throat, larynx or cervical spine.

Lack of proper treatment for ear pain may lead to rupture of the eardrum and, consequently, permanent and irreversible hearing damage. There are many diseases that cause ear pain, e.g. ear trauma, foreign body in the ear, ear canal boil, inflammation of the middle ear, neuralgia, ear shingles, pressure changes due to diving or air travel and the so-called earwax bag.

Common ENT complaints include throat diseases – angina, peritonsillar abscess, pharyngeal diphtheria, scarlet fever, acute and chronic tonsillitis, tonsillar hypertrophy, and chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa. Diseases also affect the larynx – congenital stridor, acute or malignant laryngitis, diphtheria, laryngeal tuberculosis or laryngeal cancer. Snoring, although not life-threatening, can cause sleep apnea, which causes poorer oxygenation of the body, and upon waking up, the snorer experiences a headache, fatigue and drowsiness. It has an impact on the heart, blood pressure and blood vessels.

As part of an ENT visit, we perform:

  • minor ENT procedures
  • rinsing the nose, ears, sinuses
  • nasal tamponade
  • removal of foreign bodies

Our specialists

doc. Jakub Obrębski

doc. Jakub Obrębski


I am a doctor, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Gdańsk. Currently, I […]

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Where are we?

Our clinic is located in the very center of the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz district. You can reach us by all means of public transport.

If you are traveling by car, you can park in the Garrison area, at the back of the VIGO building.

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