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Postoperative physiotherapy

Postoperative physiotherapy

Post-operative physiotherapy is a key element of the recovery process after surgery. Its goal is to restore the patient’s full physical fitness, minimize pain, prevent complications and improve the quality of life. At Mediss Medical Clinic, we offer comprehensive post-operative physiotherapy programs, tailored to the individual needs of patients, which help in quick and effective recovery.

Postoperative physiotherapy at Mediss Medical in Gdańsk

The course of postoperative physiotherapy

Postoperative physiotherapy usually begins a few hours to a few days after surgery, depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition. Below are the stages of postoperative physiotherapy that we carry out at Mediss Medical Clinic:

  1. Patient assessment

The first step is a detailed assessment of the patient’s condition, which includes:

  • analysis of medical records and the course of surgery.
  • A physical examination to assess range of motion, muscle strength, pain and possible swelling.
  1. Therapy planning

Based on the assessment of the patient’s condition, the physiotherapist develops an individual therapy plan, which may include:

  • breathing exercises.
  • movement exercises.
  • manual techniques.
  • physical therapies such as laser therapy, ultrasound or electrotherapy.
  1. Early mobilization

Early mobilization is crucial in preventing postoperative complications such as blood clots or pneumonia. It includes:

  • gentle isometric exercises.
  • breathing exercises to improve lung ventilation.
  • mobilization of limbs and joints to prevent stiffness.
  1. Incremental strengthening

As the patient’s condition improves, more advanced exercises are introduced, such as:

  • muscle-strengthening exercises.
  • exercises to improve range of motion.
  • functional training aimed at restoring the patient’s ability to perform daily activities.
  1. Long-term rehabilitation

Depending on the type of surgery and the individual needs of the patient, the rehabilitation program may be continued for several months. It includes:

  • advanced manual techniques.
  • Individually tailored exercise programs.
  • educating patients on relapse prevention and further health care.

Advantages of post-operative physiotherapy

Post-operative physiotherapy has many benefits, including:

  1. Accelerating recovery

Thanks to properly selected exercises and therapies, patients return to full fitness faster and are able to return to daily activities.

  1. Pain reduction

Physiotherapy helps to reduce postoperative pain through the use of manual techniques, physical therapies and appropriate exercises.

  1. Preventing complications

Early mobilization and breathing exercises help prevent postoperative complications such as blood clots, pneumonia or joint stiffness.

  1. Improved range of motion

Movement exercises help to restore the full range of motion in the joints and muscles, which is especially important after orthopedic surgery.

  1. Muscle Strengthening

Strengthening exercises help to rebuild muscle strength, which is crucial for maintaining proper posture and motor functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I start physiotherapy after surgery?

The time to start physiotherapy depends on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition. In most cases, physical therapy begins hours to a few days after surgery.

  1. Is postoperative physiotherapy painful?

Post-operative physiotherapy can be a bit uncomfortable, especially at first, but it shouldn’t be painful. Physiotherapists at Mediss Medical Clinic make sure that the therapy is tailored to the individual capabilities and needs of the patient.

  1. How long does rehabilitation take after surgery?

The duration of rehabilitation depends on the type of surgery and the individual needs of the patient. It can last from a few weeks to a few months.

  1. Do I need a referral for post-operative physiotherapy?

In most cases, a referral is not required, but it is recommended to consult with your doctor or specialist before starting therapy.

  1. Can I continue with physical therapy at home?

Yes, the physiotherapists at Mediss Medical Clinic provide patients with detailed instructions and sets of exercises to do at home, which aids in the recovery process.

How to Prepare for a Physiotherapist Visit

  • Medical Records:

Take any medical documents related to the surgery with you, such as test results, X-rays, and medical recommendations.

  • List of medicines:

Make a list of all the medications you take, including dietary supplements and pain relievers.

  • Comfortable clothing:

Dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that will not restrict movement during exercise.

  • Questions and concerns:

Write down any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with your physiotherapist to ensure that all relevant issues are addressed.

  • Medical history:

Be ready to discuss your medical history, previous injuries, and any health issues that may affect therapy.

  • Mental attitude:

Mentally prepare yourself for active participation in therapy. Your commitment and positive attitude will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your treatment.


Postoperative physiotherapy is an integral part of the recovery process after surgery. Its purpose is to restore full physical fitness, minimize pain and prevent complications. At Mediss Medical Clinic, we offer comprehensive postoperative physiotherapy programs, tailored to the individual needs of patients. Our team of experienced physiotherapists and specialists is ready to help you recover quickly and effectively. Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.



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