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Klinika Mediss Medical Oferta Treatment of Bone, Joint, Muscle, and Ligament Injuries Without Surgical Intervention
Treatment of Bone, Joint, Muscle, and Ligament Injuries Without Surgical Intervention

Treatment of Bone, Joint, Muscle, and Ligament Injuries Without Surgical Intervention

In our clinic, we offer modern methods for treating bone, joint, muscle, and ligament injuries that do not require surgical intervention. By utilizing advanced technologies and individually tailored therapies, we can effectively support the body’s regenerative processes while minimizing the risk of complications.

Manual Therapy and Physiotherapy

Our skilled manual therapists and physiotherapists use techniques such as joint mobilization, muscle manipulation, and trigger point therapy to help reduce pain, improve mobility, and accelerate the healing process.

Pharmacological Therapy

Depending on the type and severity of the injury, we may recommend pharmacological treatment, which includes the use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and tissue regeneration enhancers. Our goal is to provide patients with pain relief and improved function without the need for surgery.

Injection Treatments

We use various types of injections, such as hyaluronic acid, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), and corticosteroids, which can significantly improve the condition of tissues damaged by injuries. These injections work locally, reducing pain and inflammation and supporting natural repair processes.

Physical Therapy

Our services include physical therapy treatments such as laser therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound, and magnetotherapy, which support regenerative processes and alleviate pain. These non-invasive methods are particularly effective in treating soft tissue and joint injuries.

Orthopedic Treatment with Orthoses and Braces

Orthoses and braces can be used in the treatment of ligament and joint injuries, providing stabilization and support for damaged structures. They enable patients to return to normal activities faster and without the risk of further damage.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Individually tailored rehabilitation exercise programs are a key element of the treatment process. We focus on strengthening muscles, improving range of motion, and coordination, which helps in a full recovery and prevents injury recurrence.

Our approach to non-surgical injury treatment is based on a holistic understanding of the patient’s needs and the application of the best available therapeutic methods. We invite you to Mediss Medical Clinic, where experienced specialists will assist you in a quick and effective return to health.

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