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Urology is a field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of urinary tract diseases in both women and men, as well as diseases of the male genital organs. Even though the diagnosis of urinary system problems is crucial for everyday comfort of life, this topic is still treated as a taboo. Many people perceive visiting a urologist as embarrassing, which often leads to avoiding examinations.

However, regular urological consultations are extremely important, especially for men over 40, as an element of health prevention.

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What we offer

We diagnose and treat urinary tract diseases in women and men.

We offer:

  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urogenital system  (including urolithiasis, benign prostatic hyperplasia)
  • minor surgical procedures in the penis and scrotum   (i.e. circumcision, plastic surgery of the prepuce frenulum, puncture of the testicular hydrocele)

How do we work?


The first step is a urological consultation with our doctor, you can make an appointment by phone, e-mail, via the contact form or directly on our website in the make an appointment tab.


During the consultation, the doctor will ask you about the reason for the visit, your health condition and any other circumstances that may affect it. Remember that the information you provide will significantly influence the course of treatment applied.


The doctor will perform the necessary tests and, if necessary, refer you to additional tests to make a diagnosis and provide appropriate recommendations.

Urological consultation at Mediss Medical Clinic in Gdańsk

Regular urological consultations play a key role in the early detection and treatment of urinary and reproductive system cancers. Bladder, prostate, kidney and testicular cancers often do not present clear symptoms in the early stages, which is why regular preventive examinations are extremely important. Prostate cancer ranks first among men’s oncological diseases in Poland, with over 16,000 new cases per year, which is why doctors have been emphasizing for years that an annual urological consultation should be a routine for every man over 40.
It is particularly important to visit a urologist in case of symptoms such as hematuria, testicular enlargement or difficulty urinating. As well as if there has been a history of prostate cancer or breast cancer in the patient’s immediate family.

At Mediss Medical Clinic, we offer reliable consultations and comprehensive diagnostic tests, including ultrasound examinations and laboratory tests, which allow for the quick and effective detection of possible cancerous changes.

Urological problems of women and men

A visit to a urologist is mainly associated with prostate problems, but women who often have problems with the urinary system can also benefit from the help of these specialists. Urinary incontinence is one of the most common urological complaints that should prompt a visit to the office. In Poland, this problem affects as many as 25-45% of women in various age groups. However, urinary incontinence is not only a women’s problem – every fifth man experiences difficulties with proper urination, including holding it in.

Symptoms that require a visit to a urologist

Noticing any of the following symptoms should prompt us to make an appointment at the Mediss Medical clinic

  • hematuria
  • testicle enlargement
  • erectile dysfunction, decreased libido,
  • feeling of pressure on the bladder and frequent urination
  • problems with continence/urination
  • urinary tract infection
  • pyuria in urine
  • pain during ejaculation
  • pain when urinating
  • inflammation of the prostate gland (prostate)
  • skin problems in the genital area
  • pain in the lower back and lumbar region

None of the above symptoms should be ignored, as they may be symptoms of more serious diseases. Regular diagnostics allows you to detect the problem faster and increases the chances of complete recovery.

How does a urological consultation at Mediss Medical proceed?

When preparing for a urological consultation, it is worth having up-to-date results of basic tests, such as PSA, complete blood count, urinalysis, creatinine, and urine culture. Information about all chronic diseases and medications taken, allergies and procedures performed is also important. A visit to a urologist begins with a detailed subjective and objective examination. During the visit, the doctor examines the genitals and assesses the prostate using a per rectum (finger) examination. This examination is short and does not cause any pain. In women, the doctor may palpate the urethral opening, lower abdomen, and perineal and lumbar areas. Additional tests may also be ordered to help make an accurate diagnosis.

A urological consultation allows for the early diagnosis of more serious diseases of the reproductive system in men, as well as the selection of an appropriate method of treating urinary system problems. Often we do not even realize that the problem we have been struggling with for years can be easily cured. An example is urinary incontinence, which many women try to control with hygiene measures instead of consulting a doctor. This is a mistake because this problem can lead to poor quality of life and frequent infections. Regular urological consultations and diagnostics can significantly shorten the treatment time for various diseases of the genitourinary system.

In our clinic, we offer urological diagnostic and surgical procedures and treatment of the following diseases:

  • urolithiasis
  • prostatic hyperplasia
  • sexual disorders
  • phimosis
  • kidney stones
  • inflammation of the prostate
  • inflammation of the urethra and bladder
  • urinary tract infections
  • HPV infection
  • urinary incontinence
  • urination disorders
  • prostate cancer
  • urinary tract cancers
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • penile cancer
  • inflammation of the epididymis and testicles
  • diseases of the male genital organs
  • andropause
  • urinary system diseases
  • urological diseases
  • frequent urination
  • erectile dysfunction
  • penile skin surgery
  • frenuloplasty (cutting/lengthening the foreskin frenulum)
  • vasectomy WBS

Please contact the Mediss Medical Clinic reception and arrange a urological consultation. Our team of experienced doctors will provide you with the highest standard of medical care. Take care of your health today!

Our specialists

doc. Adam Blumensztajn

doc. Adam Blumensztajn


I am a graduate of the Medical University of Gdańsk. On a daily basis, I work and undergo specialization […]


Price list

Service Price
Urological consultation without ultrasound / qualification for the procedure 250 zł
Urological consultation with ultrasound 390 zł
Puncture (aspiration) of testicular hydrocele under ultrasound guidance 500 zł
Frenuloplasty (cutting/lengthening the foreskin frenulum) 1200 zł
Surgical treatment of phimosis 2300 zł
Phimosis and short frenulum surgery 2300 zł
Removal of genital warts on the penis or scrotum 800 zł
Biopsy of the penis or scrotum 800 zł

Where are we?

Our clinic is located in the very center of the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz district. You can reach us by all means of public transport.

If you are traveling by car, you can park in the Garrison area, at the back of the VIGO building:

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